This page is for the representatives. Please use the information below to start your testing of this software.
Start Download

Step #1 Download the Active Optimization software

This is a standard windows installation software and when you click the download button you will need to find the software on your computer. Each browser will direct you on the next step to run the EXE.
Start Download

Step #2 Run the downloaded EXE file and install the software

Step #3 Registration Key

Click the “Register & Optimize” button in the application. When the registration page loads you can put in your real email or a test/fake email if you. After hitting continue you will receive real 60 day free trial license key (allowing you to get the optimzation benefits for free for 60 days as part of this test). Copy your key into the application to fully activate.

Step #4 Uninstall Software

You are welcome to use the software as long as the key is active however should you wish to uninstall Active Optimization you can do so at the end of the testing. Just go to your Windows Start Menu / Active Optimization / Active Optimization Uninstall (Or you can remove the program using your Add/Remove Programs option in your control panel)