We care about the health of your PC and want to ensure that it is running at its optimum performance.


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Did you know?

What We Do:
  • Optimize CPU Usage
  • Prioritize Network Throughput
  • Improve System Memory Management
  • Reduce I/O Device Latency
What We Are NOT:
  • A Registry Cleaner
  • A Disk Defragmenter
  • A Hard Drive Cleaner

Windows Performance

Active Optimization uses patented technology (US Patent #8438378) to tune your Windows PC. It evaluates the workload, environment, and opportunities then adjusts your Windows OS to yield optimal performance and reliability. Based on a mathematical formula by Joseph-Louis Lagrange; Active Optimization takes on the hard work of keeping your Windows OS tuned and running smooth by doing some of the following things. Example Optimizations:
  • Windows Cache Adjustment
  • Disk I/O Latency Monitoring
  • NTFS Memory Buffer
  • CPU Execution Priority
  • System Paging & Critical Thread Management
  • And More!

Internet Performance

When it comes to maximizing your internet performance you don’t need to look any further than Active Optimization. Active Optimization’s patented technology, based upon the mathematical formula by Joseph-Louis Lagrange; analyzes your connection to find specific internet related adjustments that can deliver the most speed from your current internet connection. It even optimizes when you change wifi networks! Example Optimizations:
  • Data Retransmission Adjustments
  • Packet Loss Calculation and Reduction
  • Nagle Algorithm – TCPIP Delay
  • Network and TCPIP Buffer Options
  • Windows TCP Settings
  • And More!

Startup Performance

Whether you only have a few applications you use regularly or a lot, Active Optimization’s patented technology can help make sure your Windows startup time and application launch times are as fast as possible. By analyzing your existing startup processes and applications the software can determine the Windows startup sequence and settings needed to help startup your computer faster and launch those apps as quickly as possible. Example Optimizations:
  • Thread Delay Settings
  • CIFS Buffer Sizes
  • Memory Usage and File System Access
  • Windows Fetch Settings
  • And More!