Active Optimization: Maximize PC Performance

With over 200,000+ Users and counting, Active Optimization is the complete and trusted windows optimization product on the market.

Operating systems like Windows are designed to be configured and optimized. Usually Windows is installed and shipped with default configurations to ensure that they work in a wide variety of circumstances, but not always with the intention to perform at its maximum.

Active Optimization applies the same principles that an Engine Control Computer uses to tune a car, to tune Windows and applications. Active Optimization’s patented technology evaluates the workload, environment and opportunities then tunes Windows OS to yield optimal performance and reliability.

Every PC component that is assembled to create a personal computer, from device drivers to applications, are built to be optimized for their specific environment and operating criteria; which is most cases to the lowest common denominator. The manufacturers build in a range of supported settings so that tuning can occur once the systems are in place. However, the level of inter-dependency and number of variables that can take place makes the task of doing so too onerous to be done manually.

So, each device or component is shipped by the manufacturer with default settings designed to ensure the systems run, regardless of versions or drivers from other components. This means they are tuned to the lowest common denominator.

Active Optimization reclaims the lost performance using a mathematical optimization formula to find a balance point, where all related variables are able to achieve their maximum efficiency based on the resources at hand and the workload being addressed.

The thousands of variables that the formula uses are derived from multiple sources within the target device, or generated by specific tests used to pinpoint bottlenecks affecting performance.

How does it work?

Active Optimization is based on a mathematical formula by Joseph-Louis Lagrange. Just a few clicks and your personalized and continual tuning begins. Active Optimization takes on the hard work of keeping your PC tuned and running smooth.
  • Optimize CPU Usage
  • Prioritize Network Throughput
  • Improve System Memory Management
  • Reduce I/O Device Latency

1. Analyze System Setup

Your PC’s configuration and setup will automatically be detected by Active Optimization’s intelligent performance tuning engine.

Computer environments are made up of components and software from different manufacturers and contain hundreds of interrelated settings. The manufacturer settings for both hardware and software are often set to limited performance in order to ensure stability working with other components.

2. Calculate Performance Improvements

Once information on the hundreds of interrelated settings for your PC are gathered, they are then automatically calculated and set to maximize performance with each other. No matter how your PC is built, Active Optimization will analyze parameters from your hardware and software setup and fine tune each individual setting to its full potential.

The Lagrange Formula

The Lagrange formula (by Joseph-Louis Lagrange), a tried and true optimization formula forms the heart of our Active Optimization engine. Active Optimization takes your PC’s hardware and software settings and automatically calculates the optimal settings of each using this formula in order to maximize performance.

3. Real-time Optimization

Settings are continually tested and updated to maximize performance and capacity of changing workloads of your computer. Active Optimization brings patented server optimization technology to the home user.