You use your computer uniquely from everyone else.

So shouldn’t you have a custom performance solution?  Absolutely!

Avg CPU Improvement
Avg I/O Speed Improvement
Avg HD Read/Write Improvement
Avg Internet Upload Improvement
Avg Internet Download Improvement
Avg Internet Packet Loss Improvement
Avg Out-of-Order Packet Improvement
*99% of customers saw at least one improvement in the areas above.  Average improvement rates are based on users that saw any improvement in the respective area. Based on sample size of 2,000 registered customers.

You can actually see your performance results.

Active Optimization is based on a mathematical formula by Joseph-Louis Lagrange. This patented technology (Patent Details) is fully certified by IBM, Microsoft, Citrix & VMWare.

How Does It Work?

How it works

Active Optimization installs and tests your computer in minutes and upon registration starts maximizing your Windows OS, device hardware, and internet to its full potential immediately.

1. Analyze System

Your PC’s configuration and setup will automatically be detected by Lagranger’s intelligent Performance Tuning Engine.

2. Calculate Optimal Settings

Hundreds of interrelated settings for your PC are automatically calculated and set to maximize performance.

3. Real-time Optimization

Settings are continually tested and updated to maximize performance and capacity of changing workloads.

Unleash Your PC’s Potential

Operating systems are designed to be configured and turned. They are shipped to you installed with default configurations to ensure they work in general, but not necessarily to perform at their maximum. That’s where Active Optimization steps in.

Increase Boot Speed

You shouldn’t have to wait for your computer in order to use the applications you need. Active Optimization speeds up application start speed saving you time.

Maximize Internet Efficiency

Active Optimization will adjust your internet settings to increase your internet performance in order to get the most from your current internet provider.

Improve System I/O

Active Optimization will analyze your system usage and maximize the I/O settings in order to increase application speed. Windows can benefit from custom optimization settings.

The Lagrange Formula

Lagrange FormulaThe Lagrange formula (by Joseph-Louis Lagrange), a tried and true optimization formula forms the heart of our Active Optimization engine. Active Optimization takes your PC’s hardware and software settings and automatically calculates the optimal settings of each using this formula in order to maximize performance.